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Sharper Vision to Give YOU the Edge

Dr. Patricia StamperWelcome to VISION EDGE Eye Center
Patricia Stamper, O.D.

7130 W. Chandler Blvd. #19
Chandler, AZ 85226

Whether you’re looking to improve your vision with a comprehensive eye health examination or would like to update your look with new stylish frames, we’re here to offer you personal and detailed information. At VISION EDGE Eye Center, Quality is still a tradition. With our caring staff and the profesional services we provide – going far beyond just selling glasses – we’ve got you covered.

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Contact Lenses Chandler

Contact Lenses Chandler AZ If you’ve grown tired of your eye glasses or you’re looking for a new look, we’re here to provide you with the best choices in contact lenses. We offer a wide selection...
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Eye Disorders Chandler

Eye Disorders Chandler There are some common eye conditions that can develop and cause vision problems. It’s important to speak with your optometrist about any Eye Disorder Chandler you might be...
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Eye Wear Chandler

Eye Wear Chandler For many people who wear eyeglasses, the most difficult part of choosing a frame is deciding on what looks the best. By keeping in mind some simple tips, you can make the task of choosing the best...
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Types of Lenses

Types of Lenses Chandler AZ Today’s eyeglasses are stylish accessories to the fashion minded. Most clothing designers also add their names to eyeglass frame designs. There are many Types of Lenses Chandler...
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Sunglasses Chandler Protecting your eyes from the sun is important to your personal eye health. Quality sunglasses Chandler will reduce the harmful affects of ultraviolet rays and the strain your eyes experience...
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Children’s Frames

Childrens Frames Chandler AZ Eyeglasses for children have become much more stylish in recent years. Children are looking for frames that make them look hip and are looking to their teenage counterparts for role...
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